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Welcome to this awsomely random website which will not give you rabies*!!

This Website is for Awkward People (hence the title), Socially Awkward People, Random People, Zombies, Vampires (I looked for one- I just didn't find it), Smurfs, Humans,  Goths, Emos, Scene People, Weirdos (Because they make everything fun), Math Teachers (I know that being a Math Teacher could class you as a weirdo but weirdos are fun, spontaneous people. Whereas Math Teachers... are not.) and Murderers or any other criminal beings who have recentally escaped prison. Oviously, anyone else is welcome too- we're just going to consider you... suspicious.

Please note that you must always be kind to Unicorns or else you could become seriously injured, I speak from a painful, personal experiance.



**We can not guarantee that you will not of course be diagnosed with rabies...